Youth Baseball Coach Loses His Mind, Tackles Umpire In Completely Unhinged Scene

A group of baseballs in a basket.


A youth baseball coach is going viral this weekend for all the wrong reasons. The “leader” was seen tackling an umpire in an 11U tournament.

The incident apparently happened in a “Grand Slam Baseball Alabama” event, and it’s sparked a massive reaction from followers online.

A woman by the name of Sheri Powers posted the original video to her Facebook page on Saturday, showing an argument between a coach and the umpiring crew. Powers claims that the coach was upset about a call made that didn’t go in his team’s favor.

The clip has since been picked up by notable baseball social media accounts.


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In the video, the coach confronts the crew, seeking out one umpire in particular. He obviously didn’t get the answer he wanted when talking about the call in question as he locks arms with the blue before tossing him to the ground.

The original poster of the video added the caption, “This coach tried to fight the ump. Yikes!! So classless,” as she attempted to fill followers in on the event unfolding.

She then commented below her post, saying, “This coach ATTACKED this ump. Team should be disqualified from the tournament.”

Many agreed as they posted their replies to the unhinged scene.

One person wrote, “Wow!! That’s insane,” while another said, “Oh man, this is crazy.”

Many condemned the actions of the coach, with this follower writing, “Pitiful excuse for a ‘coach’ – what a freaking shame!”

Some believed the team should be removed from the tournament, with this person asking, “How are they not disqualified?”

This is something you should never see at a youth baseball game.

Jacob Elsey
BroBible writer. Jacob is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is based in Charleston, SC.