American Bro Winning European Yo-Yo Competition While Blasting ‘Freebird’ Is Perfect

by 2 years ago
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Bros, this is it, the only Sports highlight you need to watch in 2017. Sure, the NFL is the greatest sports league on planet earth and my alma mater FSU will have some glorious highlights this Fall en route to a 4th National Championship for the Seminoles, but will those clips be set to ‘Freebird’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd? No, they won’t.

This week, America’s Evan Nagao won the European Yo-Yo Championship Open Final with this routine you see above. Not only did he travel to Europe to prove that American Yo-Yo skills are second to none, but he beat those Europeans out while performing to one of the greatest Southern Rock songs ever produced.

After watching this clip, I’d like to propose that henceforth during any international competition in which a ‘Team USA’ is competing…When it comes down to the finals, Team USA only plays with Tom Petty’s ‘I Won’t Back Down’ blasting as loud as possible…That, or they pump ‘Freebird’ through the speakers because we’ve just seen how awesome this is during competition.

Over at SBNation, staffer James Dator drops some fantastic knowledge about international Yo-Yo competitions. So if you found yourself enjoying this clip then I highly suggest checking out his article.

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