After Savagely Beating Her And Being Sentenced, Zac Stacy’s Victim Says He’s Changed, Shouldn’t Go To Jail

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Back in November of 2021, the sports world was in a state of shock after video was released of former NFL running back Zac Stacy brutally beating his girlfriend Kristin Evans in front of their five-month old son.

Stacy went on the run after beating Evans, but eventually turned himself in to authorities.

After being charged with two felonies, Zac Stacy was quickly released on just $10,150 bond.

At that time, Evans tweeted, “#zacstacy is going to be released on bond and I’m just at a loss for words. My rights to safety don’t matter, my life doesn’t matter, And you all wonder why victims don’t speak out?? I had video and that made no difference. Now my life is in imminent danger.”

In the arrest video, Zac Stacy can be heard telling police his ex-girlfriend “staged” the horrific attack and that Evans was “having an affair” with his attorney.

“All she’s trying to do is get money out of me,” the 31-year-old former Vanderbilt star said.

This week, almost a year and a half after the savage beating of his girlfriend, Zac Stacy was sentenced to six months in jail and one year of probation.

He had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal mischief. His battery charges were dropped as part of a plea agreement, reports WESH News.

On Tuesday, Kristin Evans wrote in a Instagram post that she was against Zac Stacy being sent to jail because he is a changed man.

“Jail does not offer resources needed for mental health patients. It is not rehabilitative. The jail and prison system is a punishment in an authoritarian society made to oppress,” Evans wrote.

“I didn’t advocate for jail because the lack of resources, the lack of rehabilitation, the lack of education for mental health, and the psychological effect it may have on our son, having already developed a relationship with his father.

“Our son consistently FaceTimed his dad several times a week, he spends the entire weekend every other weekend, and he deserves to have that.
So please give me some grace in understanding that I’m not being easy on Zac, rather I am trying to protect our son from anymore trauma.

“Nothing is black and white and not every abuser is the same. People who are willing to put in work to be better, deserve an opportunity to show that they can be better.

“Especially with a diagnosable mental illness and significant head trauma caused by Football.”

Listen to her explanation for why she is now defending the man who savagely beat her in front of their child when he was just five-months-old.

Many commenters on Evans’ video strongly disagreed with her sentiment.

“Mann.. this is sooo sideways.. we’re making excuses for our abusers now? They don’t change man. feel so sad for you rn. Trauma bonds are a different level,” one woman wrote about Evans’ feeling about Zac Stacy.

“I have to unfollow you. I can’t watch this. You have trauma bonded to him,” another woman commented. “I know I’ve been there. Of course he’s changed (for now) he’s manipulative and doesn’t want to go to jail.”

“You’re setting the standard to your son. The same son who will grow up to be a MAN someday,” someone else responded. “And this is what you’re showing that future man, that it’s acceptable to abuse someone. It’s not up to you to decide what an abusers consequence is. Nor if it’s the appropriate one. It’s the law. You’re not his mother to parent him and guide him to heal. That’s his own job as an adult. You’re already making excuses to defend him so I know you still have a long way to go on your own journey. Jail is what he needs. Maybe then he’ll learn to keep his hands to himself.”

“Respectfully. I pray this man doesn’t kill you the next time it happens, because it will,” another woman wrote. “Been there and thankful to have made it out alive and moved ON. God bless you.”

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