Bears Tight End Zach Miller In Danger Of Losing His Leg After Catastrophic Injury On Sunday

by 7 months ago
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In news reminiscent of when Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater gruesomely injured up his leg, it is now being reported that Bears tight end Zach Miller, who suffered a grotesque leg injury on Sunday, is in some danger of losing his leg, just like Bridgewater was.

Of course, Bridgewater’s injury happened in a practice and amazingly, video of it has never been released. Miller’s injury, on the other hand, happened on TV and millions of NFL fans got to witness it. (You can watch it here if you are so inclined. Miller also got hosed by the referees for his trouble as well.)

On Monday, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen released a statement that doctors are concerned that Zach Miller is in some danger of being forced to have his leg amputated.

Miller reportedly had to undergo emergency vascular surgery due to the artery damage his leg sustained in the injury, which involved grafting tissue from his right leg to repair the artery in his left leg.

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