Zach Wilson’s Mom Blasts Media For Stalking Her And Taking Pics Of Her At The Gym Amid Wild Rumors About Her Son

Lisa Wilson Doesn't Understand Media's Obsession Despite Juicy Rumor


Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa is not happy with the unwanted media attention due after her son was mentioned in a wild rumor.

A few weeks ago, Zach’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile accused him of cheating on her with one of his mom’s best friends.

Since then, Lisa has frequently found herself in news headlines as people try to find out which of her friends allegedly hooked up with Zach.

Things have gotten so bad that Lisa had to rip into media outlets who are now stalking her at the gym to take pictures of her.

“Look, believe me, I know that sometimes life can be stupid. I mean, hell, I just found out that there were some ridiculous news sources, like joke news sources, hiding out in the parking lot of my gym taking pictures of me”

Lisa is likely referencing the tabloid The Sun taking weird pictures of her in the parking lot of her gym this week.

It is kind of wild that Lisa Wilson has paparazzi following her around in Utah.

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