Zach Wilson’s Mom Wants The Internet To Stop Calling Her Friends After Her Son’s Alleged Hookup Rumor Went Viral

Lisa Wilson Doesn't Understand Media's Obsession Despite Juicy Rumor


Zach Wilson’s mom, Lisa, would like people to stop bothering her friends after her son’s alleged hookup rumor went viral.

Earlier this week, Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile accused him of cheating on her with one of his mom’s best friends.

After Gile’s post went viral, people on the Internet, including Colin Cowherd, rummaged through Lisa Wilson’s social media accounts to find out the identity of the best friend who allegedly hooked up with the NY Jets QB.

Things have gotten so bad that Lisa has publicly asked people to stop calling her friends.

“My friends are freaking amazing. By the way, stop calling my friends, you’re annoying them. They’re like Lisa these people are crazy. I’m like yeah, I know. Stop calling my friends.

(Video via Outkick)

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