Zack Greinke Had To Pay Off A Disrespectful Bet He Made After Rookie Drew Waters Hit His 1st HR

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Royals’ rookie Drew Waters notched his first career home run on Monday, smacking a bomb in the fifth frame of an extra inning loss to Cleveland.

The outfielder made his MLB debut in late August, getting the call up from Kansas City’s farm system. Upon arriving to the bigs, though, he was met with a bit of doubt from a teammate.

Veteran pitcher Zack Greinke challenged Waters, making a bet with the new big leaguer that he wouldn’t hit a home run in his first Major League season.

Waters proved the pitcher wrong on Monday with this 400-foot shot to right field.

While most of his Royals teammates were happy to see the youngster pop his first homer, Greinke wasn’t quite as elated.

Zack Greinke pays off bet to Drew Waters

Greinke had to pay off a $100 bet made shortly after Waters was called up to the bigs.

From Royals beat writer Anne Rogers:

Drew Waters said Zack Greinke bet him shortly after he was called up that he wouldn’t hit a homer with KC this season. When Waters went deep tonight, Greinke was the first person he was looking for. Waters’ thoughts as he ran the bases? “I just got Zack Greinke’s 100 bucks.”

Waters has since received the $100, and he’ll be sure not to let his Kansas City teammate live the moment down.

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