Freak Of Nature Zion Williamson Breaks A Golf Club From Swinging So Hard But The Swing Looked Great

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Zion Williamson

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NBA Rookie Zion Williamson can really swing a club. He’s got a genuinely good golf swing and that’s not at all surprising for someone who’s as freakishly athletic as this year’s #1 overall NBA Draft pick and current NBA rookie for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Before ever seeing him swing a club, I’d fully expect him to have a great golf swing. In fact, I think the only reason we’re ever amazed that athletes have great golf swings is that Charles Barkley‘s golf swing is so god awful that he’s given a bad name to NBA athletes everywhere on the golf course (despite Jordan being a 1.9-handicap golfer).

Here, Zion Williamson shows off his incredible athletic prowess by putting such a powerful swing on the ball that the club crumbles under his might and breaks. This was part of a golf outing for New Orleans Pelicans season ticket holders and the team’s sponsors.

The clubhead disappears into the abyss as Zion Williamson stares down his shot, blissfully unaware of what has transpired for a fleeting fraction of a second before realizing that his club has disintegrated and he probably bombed the ball 560-yards over the green on this lowly par-3.

Zion is going to need some special clubs. He has legs the size of tree trunks. The powerful rotation he’ll get through the ball with those colossal legs is too much for graphite. That’s not even in the conversation. But he’ll need some sort of reinforced Vibranium Metal for his next set of clubs to hold up to that power he’s generating. This is actually a perfect marketing opportunity for someone like TaylorMade to step up and give him a set of clubs.

Meanwhile, fellow NBA rookie Jaxson Hayes has a golf swing that only a mother could love. Next to him is Frank Jackson who looks like g’damn natural off the tee.

I have to admit I’m pretty jealous of Frank Jackson’s swing. I played golf on Sunday after not swinging a club in 7 weeks and while I didn’t miss a single fairway off the tee I couldn’t make shit for contact with an iron. It was miserable. Jackson’s silky-smooth swing is just what I need to turn it all around. (h/t Sports Illustrated)

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