Zlatan Ibrahimović Issues Very Zlatan-Like Compliment To Fellow LA Transplant LeBron James

Zlatan Ibrahimovic LeBron James Small Ninjas

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the most entertaining man in soccer, knows what it’s like for a worldwide sports superstar to take his talents to Los Angeles.

After a legendary career over in Europe, Zlatan signed to play with the Los Angeles Galaxy this year (and silenced his haters in his very first game).

So when he was on Pardon the Interruption and was asked what he thought about LeBron James going to the Lakers and Manny Machado moving to the Dodgers, of course, he had to include himself in the very Zlatan-like compliments he doled out.

“Of course I will see him play basket. I don’t know if he’s interested in soccer, even though soccer is bigger than basket will all due respect for basket. Of course I will see him,” said Zlatan. “I think him as an athlete is amazing. What he is doing, the way he is doing it, because I see myself also being so big and move like a small ninja, what he does also, so I find it fancy. That inspires a lot of people. I think we’ll watch each other, of course.”

Love how he calls it “basket.”

Naturally, Zlaten also told the PTI boys that he was very good at all sports as a youth, “everything with ball I’m phenomenal,” and especially basketball, “I could play with LeBron without a problem, and if they need help, I’ll help them.”

Man, if only there were a few more soccer players in MLS with a personality as big as Zlatan Ibrahimovic I would almost be forced to actually become a fan.

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