Bow Wow Training With WWE Legend

First Snoop Dogg. Then Bad Bunny. Will Bow Wow be the next rapper to step into the ring?

Last week, the 33-year-old rapper and actor announced that following the release of his last album, he’ll be turning his attention to training to become a professional wrestler. Oh, and he wants to team with Rey Mysterio.

His proclamation got him roasted on Twitter.

Apparently, Bow Wow was dead serious about training to become a WWE performer, because he enlisted the help of a WWE Hall of Famer to get ring ready.

Bow Wow announced that he’s now training with Rikishi.

“I have officially decided to train with my boy @TheREALRIKISHI at his gym in California to get ready for the @wwe. LOCKED IN”

Rikishi will have to show Bow Wow how to not get killed in the ring but should probably school the young man on not getting murdered in the locker room either. Bow Wow is already starting a war of words with wrestlers.

Bow Wow said that the wrestlers he is interacting with on Twitter “should be happy” as he’s helping them become bigger names, especially considering how small their followings are compared to his.

There’s a good chance Bow Wow could end up working with the WWE in some way, especially considering the success the company is having with Bad Bunny.

Bunny’s merch is number one on WWE Shop, and last night on “Raw”, the rapper won the 24/7 Championship.

[via 411 Mania]

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