The 15 Best Men’s Winter Hats For Every Style And Every Occasion

Best Mens Winter Hats

Winter hats are an often overlooked – yet crucial – part of any bro’s cold weather game. You want to keep your head warm, but you don’t want to look like a 9-year-old geek either, you know? And, of course, you want to make sure you have the right hat for the right occasion. I mean, a simple beanie isn’t gonna help you much if you’re out snowmobiling. And if you’re hunting, well, you need a little something extra for that too. As you can see, the winter hat game is a lot more complicated than you probably thought.

But fear not, because by the time you’re done reading through this guide, you’ll have found the winter hat that’s right for you. That’s because these are the 15 best winter hats for every style and every occasion.

Loritta Men’s Knitted Winter Hat

This is just your classic knitted beanie, warm and comfortable. The soft-spun acrylic fiber makes it nice and stretchy so it will fit your head no matter the size, and the artificial wool liner will keep that head nice and toasty for hours of outdoor fun. It’s just a classic, good looking hat.

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Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat

Look, you’re either a Carhartt sort of bro, or you’re not. If you are, then this is the winter hat for you. It’s simple, warm and, of course, it’s backed by that Carhartt name which guarantees quality.

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Ergodyne N-Ferno Balaclava

Now this is a winter hat. It’s for anyone who needs some hardcore protection against the environment. Made with wind-resistant fleece, it covers your head, your face and your neck and makes sure that you’ll stay warm and comfortable even in the fiercest blizzards. A must-have for anyone doing some hardcore snowmobiling. Or bank robbing. Whatever works for you.

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Bodvera Winter Knit Slouchy Beanie

This is a great all-purpose hat that is really a part of your whole overall aesthetic more than “just” a hat. Think your classic snowboarder/skater/coffee house look. And, of course, it’s a great hat for keeping you warm with a fleece lining that keeps out both wind and cold.

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Beechfield Varsity Men’s Winter Hat

This is a classic hat with a classic collegiate look. If you are the sort of dude who can rock the pom-pom top with style, then this is all you. Oh, and it’s ridiculously cheap too.

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Vbiger Trapper Hat

This Russian-inspired hat is perfect for a hunter or for anyone who’s going to be out in the cold and snow for long periods of time. The facemask, which opens and closes, adds extra versatility to a hat designed to keep you warm, and faux fur lining makes sure that you won’t just stay warm, but really, really warm.

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FULLLIGHT TECH Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Yes, it’s a “smart” winter hat. It has come to this. Its built-in headset means that you can listen to music or take phone calls without having to wear anything extra, which as we all know can be a huge pain in winter when you’re already covered up everywhere. Oh, and it will still keep you warm too.

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Tough Headwear Cable Knit Beanie

Another classic knit beanie, this one boasts a combination of “serious style and serious comfort,” which… yeah, that about sums up what you’re looking for in an everyday winter hat, right? Right.

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Carhartt Men’s Fleece 2-in-1 Hat

This versatile hat gives you the classic warm beanie, but adds ear flaps and a pull-down face mask with moisture-wicking backing, which means that you’ll stay dry, an important – and often overlooked – component in staying warm. And, of course, it comes with that Carhartt quality.

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MLB Raised Cuff Knit Cap

This Major League Baseball licensed winter hat is available for every team. So, if you want a nice, comfortable winter hat rocking your team’s logo, just click on through and pick yours out. Even if you are a filthy Yankees fan. I… I forgive you.

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Carhartt Men’s Knit Hat with Visor

Okay, so this is a little different. It’s a classic Carhartt winter hat, only it also has a visor, which makes it sort of a winter beanie/baseball cap hybrid. That’s a nice feature for anyone who needs to work in the outdoors and be protected from both the cold and the glare of the sun at the same time. It also adds shape and definition to your hat, which is nice for anyone who hates the feeling of having to stretch a hat over your head and hair.

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Aegend Balaclava

This is perfect as a helmet liner for snowmobilers or motorcycle riders. It’s thin, yet warm, designed to keep the wind out and your body heat in. Also, it makes you look like a ninja, so that’s cool.

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Gellwhu Men’s Beanie and Scarf Set

Look, you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. This hat/scarf combo is designed to keep you both super-warm and super-fly. And if you want to ditch the scarf and just wear the hat, or vice versa? You can do that too, and you’ll still look good because this is a great looking hat and scarf.

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NFL Big Logo Light Up Knit Cap

Okay, so this is basically the same deal as the MLB hats – you can find one for each team – but with one key difference: they light up. Yes, thanks to LED lights integrated into the hat, you can twinkle like a goddamn star as you rep your team. Obnoxious? Maybe, but to hell with all that, your football team needs you!

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Zavelio Sheepskin Trapper Hat

While everyone else is busy rocking faux everything, you can rock the hunt with this top-of-the-line trapper hat made from real sheepskin and wool. It’s super-warm and water-resistant, sort of like living inside a sheep like you’re Han Solo caught out in the dead of winter. Okay, that sounds kind of gross, but get over it man. The sheep’s dead and you’re probably a hunter anyway. The important thing is that, like Han, you stay warm and alive. Go big or go home.

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