Birddogs Create Gym Shorts And Pants To Better Protect Your ‘Boys’ And Are Functional And Stylish AF

Brought to you in partnership with Birddogs.

You know that super uncomfortable feeling when you’re at the gym and your family jewels are just all out of whack, sticking to your thigh or curled up as if they’re a frightened puppy? Yeah, it’s a miserable feeling that leaves you being “that guy” who can’t stop tugging on your junk every few minutes, which warrants lots of stares from people. Not only that, but it throws you off your workout routine, making the gym feel more like a prison sentence when you’re so uncomfortable.

But kiss those days goodbye, bros, because Birddogs is here to help you feel great, look badass and show your “boys” who’s boss.

That’s because Birddogs are designed with your package in mind, offering a built-in liner on all their shorts and pants that free men from having to wear underwear. Plus, with features like a phone pouch and, finally, a ball pouch, you won’t be left readjusting yourself at the gym all the time.


birddogs pants

Sure, all that stuff sounds F’in phenomenal, but there’s more to Birddogs than just the substance they give guy. That’s because the designs are some of the most wicked we’ve ever seen, offering up unique colors and styles that are sure to make people look your way while pumping some iron or pounding the pavement.

Even the names of Birddogs are as outrageous as the looks, with the “Black Out Barts“, “The Mermans” and “Tony Softnuts” among the variety of options for bros to scoop up and add to their wardrobe. These shorts are sure to replace those boring-ass things you’re currently wearing during a workout.


birddogs pants

Here’s the thing, though, Birddogs doesn’t just make shorts, because they’re here to make sure you’re comfortable as ever even when the weather’s making your package shrivel up from the cold. Whether it’s the “Bi-curious Georges” (seen above) or the “Seattle Pounders“, Birddogs have a handful of pants styles to choose from, too, complete with the same liner as the shorts, as well as the phone pouch.

It’s time to stop yourself from yanking and pulling and readjusting your boys everywhere you go, because Birddogs knows that sh*t’s for, well, the birds, and it’s time to join the movement in some of their colorful and comfortable gear.


birddogs pants

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