According To A Whole Bunch Of Women, Here Are The Clothes They Think Are The Sexiest On Men

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Clothes Women Think Look Sexiest On Men


Anytime females are nice enough to share what is going on in their minds we pay attention. So when a bunch of women on Reddit recently revealed what types of clothes they think look the sexiest on men we’re all ears. You should be too.

Amazingly, their preferences do not include cargo shorts, Crocs or sweatpants.

Instead, it appears that, according to the top comment by UncleTrustworthy, they basically want you to roll up your sleeves (we already knew this, women love a good forearm) and buy clothes that fit. (Also be in good shape, which has nothing to do with clothes, but seemed to be a common theme.)

Here are a few more specific types of men’s clothes the ladies like…

Anything well tailored. A suit, a t-shirt/jeans combo, as long as it fits your body it’s hot. ~ 42k-anal-eggs

Button down shirt, rolled up sleeves, well fitting jeans/pants that don’t have any sag in the ass, nice shoes, the correct amount of cologne (no body spray) and a watch. ~ RikerOmega3

Honestly, nice fitting jeans is my personal fave on a guy. ~ NoApollonia

Depends on the situation. A nicely tailored suit for a more formal night, jeans and button-down shirt for something more casual (with rolled up sleeves). Plain t-shirt and track pants when we’re chilling at home. ~ emshit_banana

You can never go wrong with black or dark colors. A fancy jacket with something simple underneath would make you look good with minimal effort.

Also, please do wear pants that fit well. ~ ayyypokkai

Glasses and watch. The get stuff done look. ~ MissRainbowtie

I also find it really flattering for men to wear layers. So instead of just wearing a t-shirt, maybe wear a flannel unbuttoned on top. If you’re wearing a button up, wear a sweater on top that reveals the collar. Not only does this make you look stylish, but when you layer clothes you’re giving the illusion that you upper half is heftier than it actually is, so your chest looks a big larger, and your shoulders look broader. Score. ~ steingrrrl

Wear decent shoes and keep them relatively well maintained. I see a lot of younger guys wearing nice casual clothing but then pairing it with their kinda worn out gym shoes.

Nice sneakers can work well with the right outfit but I think you need to make a distinction between casual sneakers and actual workout gym shoes. Also, maybe this is just me, but I think neatly trimmed, clean nails are really nice. ~ ravekitt

Nice shoes, don’t forget the shoes (nice means not dirty, not broken and not a color that clashes with everything else). ~ ilikecakemor

Jeans and either a normal t-shirt, or a button down. But I swear to god, not dad jeans. You know the ones. Blue jeans that are either dark or light in color that are form fitting are best. I like a man with a nice butt so I can give it a squeeze. ~ imsorryshehurtyou

I dont know how many others agree but the one thing to avoid for me is low necklines. Shirts thare a couple buttons undone ok but no more and dear god most tshirts that arent a crew neck especially really loose necklines and deep Vs are awful to me. ~ girlfromnowhere19

A well-tailored suit. Gentlemen, it’s like lingerie. Invest in at least one and your life will change. ~ operarose

Some guys (at least I hope these were guys) even weighed in as well, because of course they did. They were slightly less helpful…

Did someone say tailored camo cargo shorts? That’s the only way I get them. ~ WholePineapplePizza

My rule is dress exactly like Guy Fieri does. Currently drowning in poon. ~ Chun_Kioj

A sweet, sweet codpiece. ~ GoCards0618

A wizard hat and cloak. ~ Caspiav

Inflatable dinasaur costume. ~ thech4irman

Very funny, fellas.

Check out the rest of the responses over at Reddit.

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