Hawthorne Offers A Personally Customizable, Tailored Bathroom For Men’s Self-Care Needs

Presented in partnership by Hawthorne...

One very important thing about being a guy is understanding the way we smell. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done, as we’re never quite sure if we smell great, OK or absolutely rancid. Oh, sure, there are the obvious times we can tell — like immediately after a shower or when we’re dripping sweat at the gym — but the goal is to be at our best no matter what the situation.

For those times, there’s Hawthorne, a completely customizable, tailored bathroom that gives guys the products their body, hair and skin need most.


So how does Hawthorne work? Enter the website and, boom, just like that there’s a quick and easy quiz that gets to know you as well as a personal wellness provider would. Asking questions like how often you shower, what you’re looking for from products like shampoos and colognes, and even identifying your typical night out to better understand your activity level, Hawthorne’s able to curate the exact products for you to use.

Check out the simplicity of the process below.

  1. Introduce Yourself. Tell Hawthorne about your hair type, skin type, shower habits and lifestyle in their tailoring quiz.
  2. Try Risk-Free. Get free shipping on any tailored bathroom products with subscription. Cancel anytime for any reason.
  3. Never Run Out. Hawthorne uses your data to predict when you’ll run out, meaning they know when to send auto-refills of the stuff you need, just so you never miss a day of being your best.

Just like that, you’ve got the hook up on all the things you need to keep yourself fresh, clean and smelling like you give a damn.


Backed by research and tested by thousands of guys, every one of Hawthorne’s products is made with natural ingredients by award-winning experts with 20+ years of experience. And, while that should be enough to keep you happy, Hawthorne promises that, should their personal tailoring not meet your satisfaction or needs, they’ll give your money back.

Whether you’re going for the full package of colognes, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant, or just in need of a couple of products to keep yourself so fresh and so clean, give Hawthorne a try and come out smelling like the best version of yourself.



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