HURRY: L.L. Bean Duck Boots Are 25% TODAY ONLY

Bros, let’s talk footwear. Specifically, let’s talk winter footwear.

One of the essential pairs of shoes ever man needs in the closet (or, muck room), L.L. Bean Duck Boots are the perfect when it’s cold and wet outside and you have to walk 15 blocks in slush puddles. Or you’re chopping wood at your family cabin in damp leaves.

Being born and raised in Northeast, L.L Bean‘s iconic duck boots are where it’s at, especially on days it’s pouring rain or dumping fluffy ‘gnar from the heavens.

L.L. Bean duck boots have been a part of my life since, like, the beginning. My dad has a pair. My mom has a pair. My grandparents have a pair. Like some WASPY Norman Rockwell fever dream, we’d lace up our duck boots and trudge through a muddy central Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm to handcut our tree. Raining outside? No excuse for cold, wet feet if you were prepared in your duck boots. There are family pictures where three generations are wearing duck boots. When a stitch comes out or the rubber starts to leak, they would just send them back to Freeport. I’ve had L.L. Bean’s amazing warrantee policies ingrained in my head since about kindergarten. I probably wear my pair four days a week in winter.’Cause L.L. Bean duck boots are fucking awesome.T

he older I got, the more I realized that I wasn’t alone: Owning a trusty pair of L.L. Bean duck boots — the crown jewel of the L.L. Bean catalog — is pretty important to a true Northeastern Bro’s fashion identity. Flannels and duck boots is about as Bro as it gets for us asshole Northeasterners in the winter. At least four of us on the BroBible staff own a pair. Hell, some of us have waited months on backorder just so we can get the treasured L.L. Bean duck boot.

This Black Friday, L.L. Bean is running an awesome sale on Duck Boots: 25% off, one day only. THIS ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS, so you’d be wise to scoop a pair up ASAP.

Personally, I’m buying the moc. Always wanted moc L.L. Bean Duck boots and it’s not like I’m wading through anything that thick in Southern California these days.


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