If You Love Natty Light, You NEED This Absurd Natty Light Attire In Your Life Right Now

by 5 months ago

Whether you’re tailgating for a college football game or chillin’ around the campfire, fall means Natty season. This fall, the beloved beer of tailgate season is partnering with the good dudes over at Tipsy Elves, maker of some of the most absurd threads on the planet, like their ridiculous ugly Christmas sweaters. The Natty Light x Tipsy Elves collaboration features some of the most badass Natty attire you’ll ever need, including flashy Nylon jackets (’80s dance party, anyone?), adult onesies, suit jackets, and leggings — for the Natty Daddy-lovin’ ladies.

Shop the whole collection over at Tipsy Elves… 


Nylon jackets

Buy it now: $78


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