Revtown Jeans Are Perfect For Bros Who Wish They Could Forever Live In Sweatpants

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Revtown Jeans

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Hello, gentleman. What are you wearing? No, I’m not asking in a creepy way (licks lips, a/s/l?), I’m asking because in all likelihood, you’re probably wearing the same pair of pants you throw on three days a week and no one says boo. Because the reality is is that no one really pays any mind to the everyday man’s pants because they’re all pretty much different variations of the same thing. Two holes for legs, front and back pockets, zipper, button, BOOORRRRING.

That was my mindset up until relatively recently when I decided that a decade of wearing serviceable, albeit ill-fitting GAP jeans is not a good look for a 30-year-old who wants to give off the impression that he’s employed. (Actually my girlfriend shamed me into upgrading my wardrobe.) It was tough to rip the nostalgia band-aid off, but a man who has lost everything is capable of anything.

I invested in a couple pairs of jeans from Revtown, a Pittsburgh, PA-based denim company that offers a large selection of superior denim without all the different cuts and sizing style nonsense. I must say, my friends, I feel as though I have evolved. The younger version of myself would scoff at me now out of some misplaced sense of commitment to looking like your everyday “I’m not even trying” schlub.


Bottom line is that if I’m going to wear jeans, like, five times a week, I should view them as an investment. Revtown sells only superior denim made from premium Italian yarn for an affordable price that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The jeans have a nice soft stretch dynamic that makes them feel like a pair of sweatpants, without losing shape–Revtown calls this Decade Denim, featuring “four-way, dynamic stretch, and constructed with the strongest fibers in apparel design today.”

The company offers two fits: Automatic and Sharp. Simple. While I mix and match no matter what the occasion, Automatics are tailored to your casual what-have-yous (think Sunday Fundays), whereas the Sharps, given their slimmer fit, perform best in more formal happenings (think dinner dates and semi-formal professional stuff.)


Here are the four specific washes Revtown jeans come in, giving you enough diversity to pair with every shirt in your closet.

  • Dark Indigo – A deep denim blue with traditional contrasting stitching.
  • Rinse Indigo – Our darkest indigo wash with dyed-to-match stitching.
  • Steel Grey – A grey denim with a worn-in feel.
  • Coal Black – A straightforward black denim and a good complement to Rinse Indigo.

It’s so easy for crap jeans to overstay their welcome in your closet. It took me like 30 years to understand that jeans are equally as important to an outfit as the shirt, which is why I meddled in pant mediocrity for so long. If you’re not quite at the stage where you’re willing to part with the jeans you’ve had since Obama’s first term, it would be hypocritical of me to judge you for it. But for those looking to put on their Big Boy Pants, smash the button below.




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