These Comfortable Jeans Feel More Like Athletic Gear Than Stiff Denim

Revtown Jeans

I’m not going to lie to you, bros, I absolutely despise shopping for pants, especially jeans. The constant pulling up and down of stiff pants. The tightness around the crotch… or the thighs… of the ankles. Every time I find myself trying on different jeans, I usually end up leaving with another pair of khakis. It’s sad, and my wardrobe all looks the same.

But, a buddy of mine approached me about Revtown Jeans — which definitely aren’t your dad’s jeans. In fact, Revtown Jeans use materials that are supposed to make them the outlier amongst their fellow jeans, and that makes a difference anytime you slip them up those legs of yours.

Founded by a couple of old employees of Under Armour, these super smart gents didn’t just take a simple idea like denim and decide to join the race. No, they perfected it, bringing along the knowledge they learned from working with technical athletic gear and making it work on denim. The result? The most comfortable pair of jeans a guy can wear.

I know it’s easy to say that, because, well, I have a pair of Revtown Jeans. Thing is, as skeptical as I was about getting another pair of jeans, after wearing them all fall and winter, there’s no way in hell I’m going back to another brand. And, thanks to the variety of options the jeans come in — which are four options: Dark Indigo (the pair I have), Rinse Indigo, Steel Grey and Coal Black — there’s a perfect cut for every single type of guy out there, no matter your body type.

Since I love the pair that I got — and I’ve got some pretty good connections — I was able to track down one of the founders and current CEO of Revtown Jeans, Henry Stafford, who talked to me about what it is that makes their denim (and approach to sell them in a highly-competitive market) so unique.


Revtown Jeans

BroBible: We know you and your founders were former Under Armour employees, how’d you go from active wear to denim? 

Henry Stafford: The founders of Revtown loved the challenge of switching gears. At Under Armour we were working on some of the most innovative projects with very technical fabrics, and that is what we wanted to bring to denim. Innovation and performance. We embraced the challenge to take what we were doing in athletic product and bring performance to the denim market.

BroBible: What challenges did (and do) you face going from athletic to lifestyle wear? 

Henry Stafford: Products built from scratch are not easy. No matter what you do. I will always have a high level of respect for people who start and build product companies. I would say just starting a new denim business with innovative product was the challenge. Not necessarily going from athletic to lifestyle.

BroBible: OK, let’s talk products – What can we look for from Revtown?

Henry Stafford: Amazing product at a ridiculous price. We have spent time doing two things….  First, producing incredible quality that performs. WOur Decade Denim took us over a year to develop and get the fabric right. They will be the best jeans you have ever worn. Without a doubt.  Secondly, we have really worked at building a very smart business model. We use data and customer service to stay very close to customer feedback and demand.  In addition our lean operating model leads to very fast manufacturing lead-times. This keeps inventory low and ultimately enables us to have an extremely fair price for the quality of our jeans.  Our jeans at $75 has better quality than brands charging $300.

Revtown Jeans

BroBible: Tell us how Revtown denim differentiates itself from its competitors…

Henry Stafford: Our proprietary fabric combines the softness of cotton with the most durable and flexible yarns that are used in apparel today. What this gives you is a great jean that performs but also lasts. Our product looks like jeans, but when the consumer wears it, they feel something different. Our customers tell us that our jeans are the only jeans they will wear across campus, to work, on a plane or driving in the car. Their other jeans don’t perform, but ours do. This is our big competitive advantage.

BroBible: And where are Revtown jeans available? Just online or brick and mortar?

Henry Stafford: Right now our products are available at We have a few partners that sell Revtown product, but our primary business is”

BroBible: What’s coming next for Revtown? Any new products or collaborations? Or just focusing on getting things operating smoothly? 

Henry Stafford: We just launched the first Khaki Jean. We sold out in two days but are now back in inventory. Speaking of listening and customer service, the #1 request of our customers since we launched was that guys couldn’t wear our jeans to work every day so they wanted something that could. We spent the last 6 months creating the Khaki Jean. This will be a huge style for us. Each month we will launch something new for the foreseeable future. This newness typically will be inspired by what our customer is telling us.”

Revtown Jeans

BroBible: Have there been a lesson you’ve learned through starting Revtown that you’re glad happened early on? 

Henry Stafford: There are two things and I think I know both of them as we started, but it hits you when you are living in it.

1. You have to be confident in what you are doing. There will be bad days, tough decisions and people who tell you that what you are doing is nuts. You have to have conviction and absolute confidence that what you are doing is going to win. You may need to listen, adapt and move forward. But you need to have confidence that you will win.

2. Work with good people. Not just really smart and talented people. But really good people. Partners who you trust and who want to win as badly as you do. At Revtown we are fortunate to have really great people on our team, and just as importantly, our partners are great people.

BroBible: As entrepreneurs, what’s the best advice you’d give someone looking to start their own company? 

Henry Stafford: Have a clear vision of what you want to do and where you want to go. This will enable anyone to have confidence in your vision. Confidence in the vision is an absolute must. There will be challenges and times of doubt, you must be convinced that the business will fly. Lastly, surround yourself w/ the most talented individuals.


Revtown Jeans

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