Meet The Man Who Won The Largest Powerball Jackpot In New York State History


Honest question: Have you ever seen anyone with more than 20 years to live win the lottery? I feel like every time a new lottery winner is revealed, I see a picture of a bag of bones who needs a spotter to lift the check above her head. Congrats on the $100 million, Ingrid, that’s $50 million a day for the rest of your life!

Robert Bailey isn’t exactly bucking the trend.

The 67-year-old Harlem resident and retired government employee came forward Wednesday to claim last month’s $343.8 million Powerball jackpot, the largest in New York state history and the fourth-largest lottery prize in U.S. history.

According to the New York Post, Bailey has been”faithfully” playing the same numbers that a family member gave him for 25 years.

On October 27, the day of the drawing, Bailey checked him numbers against the ones posted online and almost had to ring Life Alert. It took him a couple weeks to come forward because he had to check with a lawyer and financial advisor.

“I tried to remain calm and sat down and watch some shows I had on my DVR,” he said.

“I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.”

The man opted for a single lump sum which will amount to $198 million, $125,396,690 after taxes. Bailey said he plans to “do the right thing” with the money, and if that vague statement doesn’t mean Venmo-ing me, then he can go invest in a string of Radio Shacks for all I care. Bailey also plans to get a house for his mother, “with a little land around it” and also hopes to travel.

*Clenching fists* GOOD FOR HIM!!

[h/t NY Post]




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