NYU Offers Free Tuition For All Medical Students

Earlier this week we learned that five of the top 10 highest-paying jobs of 2018 are in the medical field. However, becoming a doctor isn’t exactly an easy proposition. Besides all of the hard work needed, you’ll also need a crazy amount of money to pay for your schooling. In 2013, the median four-year cost of medical school including expenses and books was $278,455. But NYU’s School of Medicine is offering free tuition to all of their students.

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On Thursday, the New York University School of Medicine announced that students enrolled in the MD degree program will receive full-tuition scholarships. This outstanding offer isn’t only for future students, but also for current students.

NYU proclaimed that they are the only top-ranked medical school nationally to offer full-tuition scholarships to all students. The university wants to combat “overwhelming financial debt” for graduates. The wonderful news was announced during the institution’s annual “White Coat Ceremony” for new students and their families.

“This decision recognizes a moral imperative that must be addressed, as institutions place an increasing debt burden on young people who aspire to become physicians,” said Doctor Robert Grossman, dean of NYU school of medicine and CEO of NYU Langone Health. “We believe that with our tuition-free initiative, we have taken a necessary, rational step that addresses a critical need to train the most talented physicians, unencumbered by crushing debt.”

This is no chump change since tuition at NYU’s Medical School will cost $55,018 and medical school typically takes four years. There are 93 first-year students and another 350 students who have up to three years left before graduating. That’s a ton of free money available. The amazing opportunity does not cover room, board, and other expenses that cost about $29,000 a year.

The path to becoming a doctor just became a heck of a lot easier for many medical students.

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