Looking For A Side Hustle This Summer? Here Are The Jobs With The Biggest Salary Spikes In 2019


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Summer is the season of side hustles.

Even if you make good money working 40 hours a week, it never hurts to pick up a second source of income. The extra money can be used to fund bigger vacations, bulk up your retirement fund or put a down payment on Kevin Durant’s old house.

Last Friday, the US Labor Department announced that average hourly earnings topped 3% growth year-over-year for the ninth month in a row.

The two likely reasons for this increase, according to Business Insider, is tied to the raising of minimum wage and a tightening labor market.

But which jobs are benefiting the most from these wage bumps?

Glassdoor has the answer.

According to their Job Market Report, which provides a month-to-month insight on job openings and pay changes using data from compiled from their website, these are the ten jobs with most significant salary increases since 2018.

10. Web developers (+3.5% from last year)

9. Security officers (+3.6% from last year)

8. Machine operators (+4% from last year)

7. Office managers (+4.2% from last year)

6. Cashiers (+4.6% from last year)

5. Truck drivers (+4.6% from last year)

4. Bank tellers (+4.6% from last year)

3. Material handlers (+4.9% from last year)

2. Pharmacy technicians (+7.4% from last year)

And the job with the heftiest pay increase compared to last year:

1. Bartenders (+9.6% from last year)

Glassdoor reports that the median base pay for bartenders in 2018 was $32,225, compared to $35,309 in 2019.

Any of these side hustles will keep money in your pockets without taking up too much time. A few of the positions even make a decent full-time job.

But let’s not forget – bartenders make insane tips and part of the job involves talking to women all night long.

Not a bad way to make some side money.

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Chris Illuminati is a 5-time published author and recovering a**hole who writes about running, parenting, and professional wrestling.