‘Just Cause 3’ Is Letting Us Blow Up A Mini Village Or 200 Pounds Of Cement And We Need You To Decide


Just Cause 3

If there’s one thing that dudes love, it’s explosions.

Lucky for us, one of the most action-packed video games out there, Just Cause 3—hitting stores on December 1, 2015—is actually letting us do a Chaos Countdown, where we get to blow sh*t up EVERY WEEK for the next eight weeks.


Each week, we’ll be giving you options on what you want to see get some dynamite strapped to it, with this week’s options being 200 pounds of cement or a miniature village.

Is everyone as stoked as we are about seeing how this goes down?

To vote, comment on this post by replying with either ‘CEMENT’ or ‘VILLAGE’, or tweet @BroBible one of these two hashtags: #JC3cement or #JC3village.

Votes will be tallied throughout the week and, yes, we’ll ACTUALLY make the chaos happen, so come back each Friday to see the full detonation.