ESPN’s Herm Edwards Goes Absolutely BATSHIT On ‘NFL Life,’ Rips LeSean McCoy For Being Selfish

LeSean McCoy has some major beef with former coach Chip Kelly. Like Arby’s WE HAVE THE MEATS type beef. After Chip traded him to the Buffalo Bills in the offseason, McCoy accused the Eagles’ coach/General Manager of “getting rid of all the good black players.”

Today, Chip expressed interest in burying the hatchet and shaking his former players hand before their matchup on Sunday, to which McCoy responded, “Chip can’t shake SHIT!

In a wildly entertaining segment on ESPN’s NFL Live, former coach Herm Edwards went absolutely haywire on McCoy and other players who put their egos before the team. Darren Woodson attempted to play devil’s advocate by citing the influence social media has on baiting players into saying dumb shit, but took a back seat when he realized Herm wasn’t fucking around.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


Herm deserves a raise. And a Xanax.

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