Chaos, Fights, Blood, Smashed Police Cars, Topless Chicks, As Protesters And Supporters Clash At Trump Rally

By 04.30.16


Thursday night’s Donald Trump rally at the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, California turned ugly. The Trump rally had a little bit of everything, from fights to vandalism and even topless chicks, which can be seen here.

Even with 200 police officers on the chaotic scene, anti-Trump protestors and Trump supporters clashed during a rally for the leading GOP presidential candidate.

Some maniac in a Mazda Miata did donuts near the protesters, coming close to injuring many people.

A police cruiser was smashed by anti-Trump protestors because nothing brings your point home that Donald Trump is a dangerous and violent presidential candidate quite like destroying a cop car.

But it wasn’t just police cars that were vandalized and spat upon.

In total, five police vehicles were damaged and a number of civilian cars.

Is Donald Trump's Presidential Run Inspiring Violence?
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