Actress Maria Bello and Olympic diver Tom Daley both come out as bisexual

Maria Bello image by s_bukley/Shutterstock

Apparently it wasn’t just Thanksgiving the past few days, it was also “famous people coming out of the closet days” as both actress Maria Bello and Olympic diver Tom Daley both admitted to being bisexual over the weekend.

Let’s address Mr. Daley first, who made his revelation on his YouTube page.

“This has been a hard decision to make, but I wanted you to hear this from me. In spring this year my life changed massively when I met someone, and they make me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great. That someone is a guy. It did take me by surprise a little bit. It was always in my head that something like that could happen. But it wasn’t until spring this year that things just clicked. It felt right and I thought ‘Okay’ and my whole world changed there and then. Of course I still fancy girls but right now I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier.”

Not really that big of a surprise, but good for him.

As for Maria Bello (number one on our list of the he 66 most underrated women of 2013), she went a step further and wrote an entire article for Sunday’s New York Times in which she discusses how she told her 12-year-old son that she was in a relationship with a woman.

“So are you romantic with anyone right now?” he asked.

I took a deep breath, knowing that my answer, and his response, would have an impact on our lives for a very long time.

He was right; I was with someone romantically and I hadn’t told him. I had become involved with a woman who was my best friend, and, as it happens, a person who is like a godmother to my son.

She ended the piece by calling herself a “whatever” saying “love is love.”

Again, not a huge surprise, but good for her as well. Maybe some day people won’t feel the need to make videos and share the intimate details of their personal lives in national publications when it comes to what their sexuality is. That will be a day many will be truly thankful for.

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