Can you match the celeb with their ‘probably bullshit’ SAT scores?

In case you didn’t know — and unless you’re under the age of 17 or have kids you probably didn’t — the old SAT scoring system is gone. 

This score change prompted people (IE — anyone who did well on the test) to announce their scores on social media. Seriously, no one gives a crap. We DO give a crap about the scores of celebs. Because we’re that kind of society.

The 6th Floor, a section of the New York Times, did some digging into past features to find out some of the SAT scores of celebs, athletes and millionaires.

Can you match the celeb with their probably bullshit SAT scores?

Celeb SAT Scores

Pencils down!

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[Photos credits: Bill Cosby, Ke$ha, George Bush, Scarlett Johannson, Ben Affleck, Jessie Eisenberg, James Franco, Alex Rodriguez via Brad Penner/ USA Today Sports]