Chris Rock proves he’s a good dude but let’s talk about Bobby Cannavale’s hat game

Chris Rock caught a foul ball at a Yankees game. There are bigger fish to fry. Rock grabs a foul ball off a seat, raises it triumphantly in the air, realizes “oh yeah, I’m Chris Rock, I could buy a million of these and have the entire team signed them until their hands fall off.” So he passes it off to a little girl in the crowd. Classy.

Let’s discuss Bobby Cannavale’s hat game. He’s the fella sitting to Rock’s right. You know him, you’ve seen him in Boardwalk Empire, Third Watch and assorted films. Fine, umm, Will & Grace. He was on Will & Grace. Glad it’s ringing a bell now.

Cannavale hat lean is fascinating. He’s a 44-year-old man (too old for the lean) but he’s an actor and famous (he can do as he pleases). So what’s the ruling here?

[via BroBible]

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