Clara Lee shows that Sprite commercials are way sexier in Korea

by 6 years ago

I am always saying that TV is better everywhere else and this Korean Sprite commercial featuring actress Clara Lee taking a shower on the beach in a bikini only proves that to be even more true. This has to be one of the best commercials I have ever seen. And now I must know more about Clara Lee.

Assuming that this is her (and I believe that it is – I am so well-versed in the Korean world – okay, fine, she shares the video on her Twitter page so I know it’s her), Clara Lee is 27 years-old, was born in Switzerland (interesting), has blood type B (Asian Wiki, you so cray-cray), and her full name is Clara Lee Seong-Min. It also lists a bunch of her acting credits as well. Anyway, why don’t companies air commercials like this in America is the whole point of this rambling. Hell, they could run this commercial, even spoken in Korean with the Korean graphics, and it’d be better than 99% of the ads we see nightly.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Sprite

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