Hugh Hefner’s Son Gives Us A Tour Of The Playboy Mansion, Tells Us What It Was Like To Grow Up In Heaven

For most men, and some women, the Playboy Mansion is our Mecca. It is the chosen place, the one that every guy dreams of one day making his pilgrimage to and purifying himself in the healing waters of Hef’s grotto.

Sadly, a trip to our Mecca is not in the cards for everybody. Many great men have wasted away in their pursuits of Mecca, often going wayward and getting stuck in some Rick’s Cabaret or Cheetah Club for all of eternity. But one man, one indescribably lucky man, he was forged by the latex and feathers of Mecca. It was in the Playboy Mansion where this man was raised, bathed, where he learned about life, love, and the pursuit of booty. I’m talking about 23-year-old Cooper Hefner, son of Hugh Hefner, and one day he’ll be heir to the Playboy empire.

Recently he allowed Business Insider onto the grounds of the Playboy Mansion to film and discuss with him just what it was like growing up on those hallowed grounds. Cooper opens up, from his childhood memories of the famed grotto, to how he’d host field trips to the private zoo on the property for his schoolmates, he tells all about what is one of the most unique childhood experiences imaginable.


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