Figure skater Sasha Cohen doing yoga in a bikini is today’s sexy moment of Zen

We’ve seen 2006 Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen in a bikini and we’ve seen her doing yoga, but this might be the first time we’ve seen her doing both at the same time. I must say, it’s a fabulous combination.

Little lesson for all you stars out there trying to maintain your relevance. It’s been EIGHT YEARS since Sasha Cohen was in the Olympics and here she is being featured today. Why? Uh, she’s still in great shape and posts bikini pictures, duh? Thankfully, it appears that another Olympic star, McKayla Maroney, has been paying attention.

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Nope, I was mistaken, here’s Sasha doing yoga in a bikini a couple of weeks ago…

And here she is doing, uh, yoga with her sister. Nice pose.

And here’s Sasha just chilling in a bikini…

Like I said, the combination of the bikini and the yoga really is a winner.

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