Guess which actress had to pee in a jar because of her Oscars dress

If you’re like me and had to guess not only which very famous actress had to pee in a Mason jar because of her Oscars dress, but also who would have the guts to talk about it in public, you’d probably say Jennifer Lawrence, right? That would be logical, but wrong.

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Appearing on Live With Kelly and Michael, Kristen Bell told the story of how uncomfortable the dress she wore to the Academy Awards was, especially when sitting down. Which was all entertaining and such, but the highlight of the conversation was when she dropped this little tidbit, “There was a situation … there was a Mason jar involved.” This, of course, caused the audience to laugh at her, as they should have, so she responded with, “Like you guys haven’t peed into a Mason jar before in a huge ball gown!”

And just like that I am now a big fan of Kristen Bell.

Kristen Bell image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock