Hot on Instagram: Kenza Zouiten

Instagram has opened up a whole new world for beautiful women to get noticed. Instead of having to hire a PR firm, they now can just post their pictures on the Internet and people will follow them.

Today we take a look at one such woman in Kenza Zouiten.

Kenza on Instagram: @kenzas

She is doing quite well on Instagram with over 400,000 followers having shared over 1,000 photos. (So why haven’t we heard of her before today?) Hmmm…

Kenza is 22 years-old from Stockholm, Sweden and says that she is of Swedish/Moroccan descent. (A very good combination if you aspire to become model, I’d say.) She says that she is a co-founder and designer at IvyRevel and has a blog that gets half a million unique visitors a week (I can see why, many more sexy pics there). She is also on Facebook and Twitter. This is definitely a woman we’re going to have to keep a closer eye on. Kenza Zouiten has obviously got her shit together to go with her stunning good looks. Quite a lethal combination.

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Photo credit: Kenza Zouiten, Instagram