Jane Fonda scared a bear out of her house by flashing her boobs at it

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Jane Fonda boobs bear

I repeat. Jane Fonda scared a bear out of her house by flashing her boobs at it. What the hell?

According to a story told by the legendary actress and workout queen, Jane Fonda was babysitting her grandson in her remote cabin in New Mexico when she discovered a bear had entered her house and was planning on grabbing the baby. Naturally she did what any normal person would do in that situation. She flashed her tits at it. Amazingly, this worked and the bear went away.

“It was walking from the screen door… headed for the crib, where my grandson was sleeping.

“(I thought), ‘What do I do? I don’t know where my gun is, I don’t have time to look for it…’ I opened my bathrobe and I went ‘Roarrrrr…!’ It wasn’t the tits, it was the growl that got the bear…The bear peed on the rug.”

“It went part out the door and sat down and I pushed the bear out and then slammed the glass door.”

So there you go, people. Now you know how to get a bear out of your house. That or you have a sweet new prank to pull. Tell this story to a group of women staying in a cabin, go grab a bear suit and proceed to break in. Boobies for everybody!!

Jane Fonda Fought Off Bear With Her Naked Body [Contact Music]

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