Jaslyn Ome is your April 2013 Playmate of the Month

Seeing as how you guys are such big fans of Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg I thought you might like a look at a new contender for Playmate of This Year in Miss April Jaslyn Ome. Myself, I think Jaslyn Ome is a real contender. Girl is gorgeous. If this fantastically done video doesn’t convince you that she’s in the running, then you need to go check out even more of her work here. What little I know about her personally is that she’s a mix of East Indian, Black and Caucasian, which is one fine combination of ethnicities apparently. She’s also appeared in three videos by DeStorm Power, if you happen to be a fan of his. Jaslyn Ome is also on Twitter so you can be notified right away when you see that I am right and she wins PMOY honors. You’ll see.

Photo credit: YouTube/Playboy