Jodie Marsh gets rude in provocative new photo shoot

Jodie Marsh made our list of the 50 Sexiest British Glamour Models of All Time, but that was based on her early work when she was cute as a button. Check out this new video and see if see should still qualify? Back in the day Jodie Marsh was, like I said, a real cutie, and she dominated the British lad mags like few before her. Then she got into bodybuilding, got all tatted up, and we hardly recognized her. Now she’s back doing glamour shoots like this one for ZOO and we’re not sure what to think. This video is for their “Rude Issue” and picking Jodie seems appropriate, but I’m not sure I like it. It’s definitely provocative, but… So give me a ruling? Is this video hot? Or not?

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Photo credit: YouTube/ZOO