Justin Timberlake calls Madonna a ‘ninja’ on Twitter; Internet melts down

justin timberlake ninja

Justin Timblerlake took to Twitter over the weekend to wish Madonna a happy 94th birthday* when he erred and referred to her as his “mother chucking ninja.” Uh oh.

The tweet, since deleted after a wee bit of an uproar read, “A happiest of Bdays to my mother chucking ninja, @Madonna!! Hope you have a great one, M!”

In case you didn’t know, the word “ninja” and “ni–er” have been used interchangeably by some of late.

Naturally some people on Twitter did not appreciate this reference…






Of course there were also responses like this…


Oh Jason… some day you’ll properly learn how to join in on a Twitter lynching.

And then, naturally, it went this direction…


So yeah, good times to be had all around.

*Madonna actually turned 56 over the weekend. My bad. I was just guesstimating.

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Justin Timberlake Calls Madonna His “Ninja” on Her Birthday, Sparks Twitter Outrage

Justin Timberlake image by Antonio Scorza/Shutterstock

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