One to watch: Kaoru Gleissner, sexy Japanese model, savvy businesswoman

It’s bee far too long since we introduced you to a sexy and talented woman, so today we’d like you to meet Kaoru Gleissner, sexy Japanese model and very creative businesswoman. That’s right, businesswoman. Yep, she’s got some serious brains behind all the beauty.

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The Tokyo-born Kaoru noticed when she was studying architecture at Nottingham University in the UK that there was a growing popularity for Mandarin as a subject, but limited class spaces. So she applied and was awarded a scholarship for a Chinese culture immersion program to study at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Problem is, she found those classes boring. So she started her own company,, which puts her modeling skills to use in an educational manner. And now SexyMandarin is a company with students enrolled from across the world. Pretty easy to see why since its founder was featured five times in FHM in just the past year.

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Photos courtesy Kaoru Gleissner
Credits: Mick Gleissner, Paul Stevens, Alex Dumas, Alex Sierra, KC Gunn, Johan Sisno, Mark, Dawn