Kate Upton in GIF II – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

Twitter/Kate Upton

Twitter/Kate Upton

Once is nice, twice is better. The Kate Upton GIF Anthology has been updated in timely fashion to mark her triumphant SI return..

You’re welcome internet.

30 Kate Upton squirted

29 I’ll just leave this here

28 Just hangin’ at the pool

27 The 2013 SI Swimsuit calendar reveal

26 Cold in Anartica

25 Sexy for Skullcandy

24 Katie Nolan adorably talking about Kate’s rack

23 Kate as a lifeguard

22 Ripping off her parka

21 Kate for Esquire

20 That’s one way to get out of a pool

19 Bouncy Kate

18 Can one reincarnate as a popsicle?

17 ‘Murica

16 Captain Kate

15 Kate the hula hooper

14 Kate on the runway

13 Kate Upton Cat Daddy

12 The Dougie—where it all started

11 Just bumpin’

10 Kate Upton banned Super Bowl commercial

9 Kate Upton Beach Bunny runway

And to think, this is only the second greatest Kate Upton GIF on the internet (see #1).

8 Kate Upton Beach Bunny

7 Kate Upton eating a Hardees burger

In another life, I’d love to come back as that hamburger.

6 Kate Upton on location for SOBE

Ok, ok, I’m coming.

5 Kate Upton lingerie shoot

4 Kate Upton is a bunny


3 Why is she alone in the middle of nowhere?

2 Kate Upton dancing I

1 Kate Upton dancing II