Kate Upton says she hasn’t ruled out posing for Playboy

Listen, if there’s even the smallest inkling that Kate Upton might do Playboy someday I am going to take it as a positive sign. Who’s with me?!

So when Kate Upton says she hasn’t COMPLETELY ruled out posing naked for the legendary publication it warrants our attention.

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Reports E!

While speaking with British GQ at an event for Gillette, the brand’s sexiest ambassador opened up about what she wants in a man (physically speaking, that is) and shared her thoughts on David Beckham’s style in addition to dishing on the popular men’s magazine which many would love to see the buxom beauty front.

So, would she ever pose for Playboy?!

“I never like to say never because there are circumstances that I could do pretty much anything if it inspires me and if I think that it’s cool at the time,” she shared. “But right now, at this point in my career, I’m not doing Playboy.”

In the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

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Kate Upton on Posing for Playboy: “I Never Like to Say Never” [E!]

Kate Upton image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock