Leonardo DiCaprio disses Kardashians and remains the world’s smoothest dude

What happens when the world’s most famous actor runs into the world’s most obnoxious family?

Leonardo DiCaprio, arguably the world’s most famous DiCaprio, was invited to the same party as the Kardashian clan. Not only was the entire mob inside the party but camera crews were crawling around the place to film scenes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians because Kardashians. Leonardo DiCaprio got wind of the goings on and in one simple move said all that needs to be said about the attention whoring K-fam.

A spy said, “Leo didn’t want to be filmed for ‘Keeping Up’ and didn’t want to arrive until filming was over.” Leo joined his close pal Lukas Haas and a group for a Mexican-themed party for Frankie Delgado.

Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t make a big deal about the situation, or request the cameras stop rolling, just said “pass” and took his own personal party elsewhere. Leonardo DiCaprio knows better than to be anywhere around a TV show that would have done anything to have him on camera, even for just a moment.

[via Esquire]