Marissa Raisor won the 2013 Miss Hooters Swimsuit Pageant

So you watched the 2013 Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant last night, right? There wasn’t anything else on was there? If you didn’t watch it then missed out on Marissa Raisor being named Miss Hooters International 2013. Luckily for you we’re friends with the fine folks over at who shot this video of your winner (along with videos of the second place finisher and the rest of the top five). So what was it about Marissa Raisor that earned her this prestigious honor? According to Hooters magazine, before she was crowned Miss Hooters International: “This brown eyed gal was Florida-made, but Kentucky-raised. If Marissa is not studying for her degree, you can find her in a gym playing basketball or walking a runway. Don’t be surprised if you catch this vivacious jewel on ESPN one day interviewing your favorite athlete.” One can only hope.

Photo credit: YouTube/Bikini Team