Meet the smoking hot voice behind Juliet the stripper in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Marcus Hyde

Are you one of the millions of people who got hooked on playing Grand Theft Auto V? If so, then you probably know who Juliet the stripper is. But did you know that the woman who did the voice is as sexy as she sounds? Her name is Krista Ayne, and you may remember having seen her here on this very site before (that’s a clue that you need to go check out her other sexy pictures here). Leave it to Rockstar to actually get a smoking hot model to be the voice of one of the ladies in their game. No wonder they’re raking in the cash.

Here’s a video of Juliet in action to help jog your memory…

By the way, we haven’t featured Krista Ayne here just that one time I mentioned above. Oh no. We’ve actually featured her twice (that’s another hint to go check out even more sexy pictures of Krista Ayne here back when we named her “one to watch.” We told you to watch her!).

Photo credit: Marcus Hyde