Miley Cyrus celebrated her 21st birthday with strippers, The Lorax, getting robbed

Kelly Osbourne, Instagram

In case you missed it, and how could you have, Miley Cyrus turned 21 on Saturday so in true Miley fashion she celebrated in some of the oddest ways possible. Of course, there was video. Like there was any chance there wouldn’t be.

Here’s a brief clip of Miley’s birthday party last night, after the American Music Awards, at Beacher’s Madhouse in L.A. Note: The Lorax.

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So now you understand the strippers and Lorax that were mentioned in the headline, but what about the robbery? Well, it seems that Miley’s house in Studio City was robbed on Friday with the thieves getting away with some of MyCy’s jewelry. No word how the they got in to her house, but I’m sure the excellent Los Angeles police department will have the case solved shortly.

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