Paris Hilton would never kidnap Kim Kardashian, you guys

In case you were worried that the leaked Ford print ad that shows Paris Hilton kidnapping Kim Kardashian’s family was based in some sort of reality, let Paris Hilton set your mind at ease.

Paris Hilton is no Kardashian abductor … in fact, she tells TMZ the leaked Ford print ad that shows her kidnapping Kim’s family is “stupid” ’cause they’re still good friends.

Oh, and there’s actual video of her commenting on the ad (you can see both the video and the ad, which shows Paris driving a Ford Figo with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian tied up in the trunk here).

Apparently the two of them are still really good friends… at least according to Paris. Phew! Another thing you can wipe off your worry list. This has been a good day!

Sorry, but this is one of those “news” stories that is SO stupid it becomes news (at least to me) for it’s stupidity (we’re two for two in that department today). Welcome to the world Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have created.

Paris Hilton I’d NEVER Kidnap Kim K … We’re Friends! [TMZ]

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