Some idiot prince paid $500K to talk to Kristen Stewart for 15 minutes

Kristen Stewart prince

Kristen Stewart image by carrie-nelson/Shutterstock

Five hundred thousand dollars. To talk to Kristen Stewart for 15 minutes. Let that sink in for a moment. That must have been a hell of a conversation.

At the the Toronto International Film Festival’s world premiere of 12.12.12 Harvey Weinstein told the story of how he “sold” Kristen Stewart to a “Prince of an Arabian country.” Here’s how it went down…

Weinstein gleefully confessed that he’d sold a sit-down with “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart for charity funds. Apparently the “Prince of an Arabian country” was offering to pay top dollar for a fifteen-minute chat with the chronically awkward actress.

Weinstein called Stewart and filled her in on the situation. “She said ‘How much?’ My kind of girl,” he quipped. The mogul and the prince were eventually able to agree to a $500,000 donation. In cash. The prince, Stewart and a number of bodyguards enjoyed a lovely fifteen minutes together during the concert. (The concert went on to raise $30 million.)

That might be the greatest sell job ever made. Someone paid $500K to watch Kristen Stewart talk. I won’t even pay $8 to see her in a movie or $3 on a DVD because watching her try to speak is so utterly painful and this idiot prince dropped $500,000 to do it in person. Harvey Weinstein needs to take over negotiations with Syria right now.

‘12.12.12’ TIFF: Harvey Weinstein Savages Jimmy Page, Reveals Stunning Kristen Stewart Secret At Rock Doc Premiere [HuffPo]

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