A question that needs to be asked — who’s the next Bill Murray?


Recently, my friend Seth was at the gym (He’ll love that I name -dropped him and said he was at the gym) when a young lady came up to him and inquired about his T-shirt.

The shirt in question featured a photo of everyone’s favorite quirky funnyman; Bill Mur ray. Actually, Bill may not be everyone’s favorite funnyman, since the young lady had a follow -up question; “Who’s Bill Murray?” OK, now we’ve got ourselves an issue. Has she not seen Groundhog Day? Never watched old episodes of SNL or heard of Caddyshack? Ghostbusters? SPACE JAM!?

Suddenly, it occurred to me; I’m 26 years old and the next generation of youngsters probably doesn’t even get to experience Bill Murray. So, for those who aren’t aware, let me explain: Bill Murray is the personification of cool . He can say or do anything he wants and get away with it 100% of the time. He can show up anywhere without question and even the most absurd recount of a Bill Murray interaction will be believable. His “No one will ever believe you” tales have become folklore on the Internet. Don’t believe me? Just Google ‘Bill Murray story’ and see what I mean.

With the Murray Era dwindling, though, I’m curious who the next celeb is to take his place. Who’s weird enough, random enough, quirky enough, funny enough, and i s just flat out crazy enough to sit upon his throne? I’ve taken the liberty of nominating some candidates for the next generation’s Bill Murray. Feel free to comment on my selections, or propose your own in the comment section below.

Jimmy Kimmel

In re cent years, Kimmel has etched himself out as the king of viral pranks, so trolling people is a trait both he and Bill Murray definitely share. Plus, they both share that great “I don’t care about screwing up or offending anyone” way about them that makes t hem infinitely cooler.

Jennifer Lawrence

The queen of the Internet (sorry, Emma Watson) is as quirky as they come. She’s also not afraid to speak what’s on her mind without giving it a second thought. Who knows, maybe as she grows older she’ll become ev en more of a loveable lunatic just like Bill Murray?

Shia Labeouf

After years as a childhood star and after multiple box -office smash hits, Shia chose to distance himself from the limelight and focus on more artistic, fulfilling projects. Bill Murray has always made interesting, if not questionable, decisions as to his acting roles. Rumor has itthat Bill has no agent and no phone number to contact other than an answering machine where writers, producers and directors must pitch their concepts in a quick voicemail message. Apparently, Bill checks the messages about three times a year and has missed out on some huge opportunities (including Toy Story, supposedly) simply because he didn’t get the message in time.

Seth Rogen

Not only is he an outstanding comedic actor with a slew of funny movies, but Seth Rogen is also not afraid to push the envelope and speak his mind. Rogen has made waves in the media when discussing a number of topics like marijuana use, mental disorders, and the North Korean government, to name a few. As he ages, one can easily project him easing into the “I’m funny and I don’t care” mentality that Bill Murray so perfectly nails.

Lady Gaga

One of the biggest factors in becoming the next Bill Murray is the ability to make anything believable. Bill showed up naked to a wedding reception and cut the cake with his penis? I can see that happening. Bill once paid $10,000 at a McDonalds drive -through then drove off without getting the food? Yeah, thats pretty likely. Lady Gaga definitely has that shock- factor locked down. She can do or say (and particularly, wear) anything at this point and nobody would be surprised.

Russell Brand

Russell is another comedian who’s never afraid to speak his mind. He’s also got a rare blend between quirky and cool that not many people could pull off. Although their styles may be different, Bill Murray is another one of those rare people. Plus, they’re both capable of doing anything without really shocking anyone. I can definitely see a middle -aged Russell Brand showing up at random college parties and blowing people away the way Bill Murray supposedly does now.


The NBA’s court jester is a perfect fit to be the next Bill Murray. He’s funny, he’s weird, he’s outspoken, he loves to mess with people, and he ’s a flat-out crazy person. The only major difference between the two (I mean, aside from the fact that Bill is 6’2 and Shaq is 7’1), is that Bill Murray likes to remain mysterious, while nobody loves the limelight more than Shaq (just ask Kobe).

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is probably the only person who can pull of random public appearances like Bill Murray can (player introductions, baseball game lineup). You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth, but you can rest assured that it will be hila rious. Will, like Bill, likes to keep his personal life quiet and only pop up occasionally for random stunts or when it’s time topromote a new project. As he ages and continues to be hilarious, Will Ferrell will likely be the quirky, crazy funnyman that the next generation remembers.

Here’s to the five-year old who writes the “Next Will Ferrell” article in 20 years from now. You should look up Bill Murray, I think you’d like him.

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