The sexy blonde who flirted with Rory McIlroy is someone we told you ‘to watch’

Ashley Bongiovanni

Recently a video of a sexy blonde flirting and trying to get Rory McIlroy’s attention at the Bridgestone went viral and everyone wondered who she was. Turns out her name is Ashley Bongiovanni and we’ve actually featured her here before.

Here’s the video that caused all the stir…


Fast forward a week or so and she was interviewed by Fox411 where she could neither confirm or deny that she and Rory have hooked up.

FOX411: Rory just broke off his engagement. Has he reached out to you, or have you reached out to him?
Bongiovanni: I can’t speak for him but if something like that was to be going on I would keep it private. I would say ask [Rory].

FOX411: But you didn’t keep it private on Twitter because you tweeted at Rory’s official account a few times.
Bongiovanni: If he was to contact me that would be private but Twitter is fair game.

Back in February of this year we did a sexy little profile on Bongiovanni where we called her a “triple threat” based on her modeling, acting and musical skills. Little did we know she was also quite adept at getting the attention of major professional golfers.

Check out the smoking hot pics of Ashley that we shared back in February and you’ll understand why Rory might just be a little bit interested.

Told you she was “one to watch.”

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