Shia LaBeouf headbutted a guy at a bar last night (on video, of course)

Shia LaBeouf image by S_bukley/Shutterstock

Fresh off his plagiarism scandal life just keeps getting better for Shia LaBeouf as last night he got into a fight in which he headbutted some dude at a bar. In the videos you can (kind of) see Shia doing the deed and hear him say, “What are you saying about my girl’s mom? Are you f*cking kidding me bro?”

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Later, according to TMZ, LaBeouf was remorseful —

Shia LaBeouf was conciliatory and remorseful after he headbutted a guy in a London pub, claiming he’s just like the next guy with faults and all, adding, “I’m super normal.”

After the fight, LaBeouf reiterates the fight was over his girl’s mom. You hear him say he gets angry when “people s**t on my girl’s mom.”

LaBeouf, who appears drunk, rambles on about himself with a woman in the pub — saying how “normal” he is.

At least this time he didn’t have to hire a skywriter to voice his apology for him.

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