Today in scumbag news: The sunglasses Paul Walker was wearing when he died are up for auction

I don’t even know where to begin here other than to say that anyone willing to put the sunglasses Paul Walker was wearing when he died up for auction needs to be cast out from society.

According to TMZ who has pics of the auction items…

The sunglasses Walker was wearing on the day he died — as well as a fire extinguisher that was allegedly used to try and save Walker’s life — are now up for auction on

The seller claims he was at the crash scene last November looking to help … but cops kept him away. He nosed around once the wreckage was cleared … and that’s when he says he found the sunglasses in the bushes, though he says he didn’t realize their significance until photos surfaced of Walker earlier in the day … wearing the same glasses.

It is unclear how the seller acquired the fire extinguisher or a piece of debris from the crash, but they are both included in the auction as well.

They also say that as of this morning there were three bids with the top offer being $605.

Can we just find an island to ship these bidders and the seller to with no provisions and no form of escape? Is anyone still using Australia?

Paul Walker — Death Sunglasses Up for Auction [TMZ]

Paul Walker image by s_bukley/Shutterstock