Watch Bill Gates get smoked in game of chess in just 79 seconds by a 23 year-old

by 5 years ago

Bill Gates is widely considered one of the most intelligent men in the world so seeing him get schooled in a game of chess, losing in just 79 seconds to a 23 year-old bro, is quite stunning. Then again, the 23 year-old isn’t just some schlub, he’s Magnus Carlsen, who has been a “grandmaster” since he was 13.

Even more impressive than the resounding defeat is the fact that Carlsen took about half a nanosecond to make each of his moves on his way to victory. All Magnus was lacking in this epic beatdown was a little smack talk, like “Money can’t buy wins in chess, bitch!!” I think that’s really all that’s holding chess back from becoming a major televised sport.

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